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Call for Papers

Conference CodeINTL-CONF-34
TitleINVEST organizes its 34th Value Engineering International Conference.
Organized ByWest Zone, Indian Value Engineering Society
VenueHotel Ramada Powai, MumbaiAddressHotel Ramada Powai, Saki Vihar Road, Mumbai 400087
Phone: +91-22-67776000 / 61998000
Email: hello@ramadapowai.com, Website: www.ramadapowai.com
Conference Dates07-12-2018 - 08-12-2018Registration Dates01-10-2018 - 30-11-2018
BrochureConference Brochure
Paper Submission Dates

01-10-2018 - 31-10-2018  


Delegates who wish to present papers in the conference are requested to submit their papers as per guidelines below:

  1. Title of Paper: State clearly the title of paper. It should reflect the content or subject matter clearly. For example. "VE Study of Design of ECU" or "Value Analysis of Electro-Mechanical Locking Device". Free to use value terminology viz. VA, VE, VAVE, Value Engineering or Value Analysis in title and content of paper. Don't write conference theme "Delivering Delight" in the title of paper unless paper is exclusively on that.
  2. Photo and brief profile of authors. Mention organization which they represent.
  3. The paper should have an abstract of 200 words max. A good abstract gives clear idea to reader on what is the content and outcome of paper and should attract reader to read full paper.
  4. Introduction: Brief on product or project or subject matter.
  5. Reason for selection of project or subject of Value Engineering study
  6. Defines the objectives and scope of Value Engineering study.
  7. The flow of the paper should be in accordance with 6 phases VE Job Plan recommended by SAVE International as follows. No need to elaborate history of VE, purpose and content of VE job plan.
    1. Information Phase
    2. Function Phase (Should include Function Cost Worth Analysis and FAST Diagrams)
    3. Creative Phase (focus on function based idea generation)
    4. Evaluation Phase
    5. Development Phase
    6. Presentation Phase
  8. Key points on implementation
  9. Audit is optional and may be included if the organization follows internally.
  10. Savings, benefits & outcome of VE study should be clearly highlighted.
  11. Emphasis should be given on usage of function analysis and function based creativity leading to problem solving or meeting the objectives of Value study.
  12. Conclusion
  13. Reference if used
  14. Recommended paper size is A4. Single column text with 12 point Times New Roman font in sentence case. Max 1 inch margin all on all sides. Papers should be submitted in pdf format. Page no at bottom centre of page e.g. page 1 of 4
  15. An example of file name: VE Study of ECU, Sharma & Datta, XYZ Pvt. Ltd
  16. Evaluators will give high weightage to the content of paper and less weightage on presentation during conference.


Paper could be based on Value Engineering /Value Methodology in any of the topics mentioned below but not limited to: Design, Manufacturing, Non-manufacturing, Construction, Government/Turnkey projects, Social Sector, Education, Management Areas, Value Enhancing Methods etc.