Consulting Services

Consulting Services

INVEST offers consulting services to industry, academia, and government through specific engagements.

Usually, even if the project is for consulting, the execution is participatory in nature. If the team members or engagement partners are novices to Value Engineering, brief training is conducted before initiating the project. The execution is initiated thereafter.

This has a dual advantage. Direct benefits are obtained through the project and competencies are developed among the teams and project partners to continue the application of Value Engineering beyond the project. Some of them also institutionalize it.

The experts of INVEST have designed and executed a large number of projects to date, leading to crores of saving for the industry and government.


Innovative Project During COVID19 Pandemic

During COVID 19 Pandemic, efficient Oxygen management was most critical factor in saving lives. However, the situation was chaotic and difficult to manage at the hospital level. In mid of this situation, one team was striving to resolving the issues, and ended up doing an award winning project. Indian Value Engineering Society and Raddiant Group of Hospitals and Diagnostics, collaborating organisations for the project share the story.