SAVE International Certification Programme

SAVE International Certification Programme

INVEST is the only authorized organization in India for offering certification programmes from SAVE International, the premier international body for promoting Value Methodology worldwide. The trainings are conducted by the Licensed instructors certified by SAVE International or INVEST and certification examinations by ICB (INVEST Certification Board). The training and certification programs are meant to promote and support the practice of the Value Methodology globally in all fields of public and private sectors as well as academia. The certification also encourages continued education and improved practices in VM.

Value Methodology Fundamental (VMF) 1 Training and Value Methodology Associate (VMA) Certification

VMA is an entry level certification that recognizes individuals who have received the basic Value Methodology training. VMA certified individuals can participate in value studies as a team member.

Pre-requisites: Complete the Value Methodology Fundamentals 1 (VMF-1), a competency-based Training with SAVE Licensed instructor.

Course duration: 32 hours online / offline.

The participant is awarded a Certificate of successful competition of VMF1 Training, which is a must for taking VMA exam.

VMA Examination:  Candidate has to pay the exam fees to ICB (INVEST Certification Board). It comprises of 60 multiple choice questions, to be completed in 90 minutes. Passing is at 70%.

VMA Certificate: It is awarded after passing the VMA exam. Biyearly maintenance fee has to be paid to INVEST. Refer VMA maintenance guidelines on INVEST Website.

Value Methodology Fundamentals 2 (VMF2) Training

This training is must for those who would like to go for CVS Certification. It covers all 9 VM Core Competencies required for that

Pre-requisites for VMF2:

  1. Completed Value Methodology Fundamentals 1 training
  2. Participated in 2 value studies of minimum 24 hours each

Course duration: 32 hours online / offline.

VMF 2 Certificate: The participant is awarded Certificate for successful completion of VMF 2 Training 

Refer SAVE Website for latest information on SAVE Certification programs

Certified Value Specialist (CVS) Certification

CVS is a professional certification that recognizes individuals who have demonstrated an expert level experience and knowledge in the practice of Value Methodology. He/she can lead value study teams. It is the highest level of certification in value methodology from SAVE international.


  1. VMA in good standing, and completed Value Methodology Fundamentals VMF-2 Training, as per SAVE guidelines
  2. Collect 24 CP (credit points) under PRACTICE VM (min. 6 Value Studies)
  3. Collect 30 CP (credit Points under Learn VM
  4. Undergo Facilitation Training 24 CP (credit Points)
  5. Collect 10 CP (credit points) under Share VM
  6. Write a research paper and submit your claim in the form of an application and supporting documents for having completed all requirements to ICB (INVEST Certification Board). For more details, refer SAVE Certification Manual 2019 available on INVEST Website.
  7. INVEST Certification board will notify after acceptance of application for examination
  8. Pass the exam of 5 papers in 3.5 hours with min 70% marks in each paper

CVS Certificate: It is awarded to successful candidate after passing all 5 papers of CVS exam. Biyearly maintenance fee has to be paid to INVEST. Refer CVS maintenance guidelines on INVEST Website.