INVEST Certification Programs

INVEST is the only authorized organization in India for certifying professionals and students for expertise in VE through various certification programs at the national and international levels. The Training License for the Instructors are also issued by INVEST.

INVEST launched the ICP specifically for disseminating knowledge and skills for practicing VE in the context of Indian industry and market scenario. The course content is aligned with the scope for VE application in present and emerging needs of the public and private sector. The programme is offered for students, faculty and professionals. The trainings are conducted both online and offline by Licensed Instructors.

Certification Program(ICP)

Programmes Offered

Student Value Practitioner (SVP) Certificate Course

The course is meant for students of all disciplines and is offered as an elective subject as a part of the curriculum at the graduate and post-graduate levels of any stream. It is available only in institutions opting for offering the course from INVEST.

SVP-Certified students can lead student projects in their college/university and participate as team members in external VE projects. SVP candidates can have an edge over the competition in placement and perform better in the respective organization after securing employment through the application of the VE technique.


  1. Enrolled in full-time/part-time graduate / post-graduate course
  2. Student membership of INVEST
Senior Value Analyst (SVA) Certificate Course

The course is designed for industry professionals and academic faculty for gaining competency as VE trainers.

SVA-qualified professional can lead Value studies and is eligible as a trainer to conduct VE training for Student Value Practitioner (SVP) Course after getting a Instructor License from INVEST. SVA can also conduct awareness sessions and workshops within and outside the institution or organization.


  1. Industry professionals must have 4 years of experience in practicing VE.
  2. College / University faculty have no pre-qualification criteria.
  3. Life membership of INVEST is a must.
Professional Value Analyst (PVA) Certificate Course

The course is offered to professionals from all sectors including academia. It is aimed at imparting knowledge and skills to enable the candidate to practice and lead VE project in any organisation, promote VE within and outside organisation, and can conduct sessions in Certification Trainings along with licensed trainers of INVEST.


PVA candidate can contribute towards value addition at project or organisational level.